that i heart music

i love that i love music. it has played a pretty important role in my life. nothing takes me back to a period in my life quicker than hearing a song i listened to and loved at that time. that said, here's a list of some songs that have special meaning to me:

* "gettysburg" by ratatat = wedding theme song
* "outside your door" by the adorable jake hawken = proposal
* "samson" by regina spektor = dating jake and falling in love
* anything from "hot fuss" by the killers = when i first moved to seattle and felt so much potential in my life it was palpable
* anything from "sixpence none the richer" by sixpence none the richer = breakup #1 with boyfriend freshman year at ricks, specifically spending hours in the tub with the lights out while the cd played
* "tragic kingdom" by no doubt = doing geo/trig homework in high school
* "lion king" soundtrack = middle school years. yeah, i was a dork
* "i've a friend" in the "standin' tall" series of read-a-long books/musicals = childhood through probably third grade
* "mister rodgers" record = pre-school age
* this one is technically a movie, but the sounds in the background of the opening scene are very comforting to me. "mr. mom" = pre-school

as you can see, i have an extensive list of songs that really resonate with me. like i said, music is a very powerful force in my life.


Mickelle said...

Never heard gettysburg. Now I'm intrigued.

Mom/Pam said...

Hey, what about "Side By Side" and ALL of the songs from Sound of Music? Those were listened to, by YOU, for HOURS each day from age 2-5!!! That was no casual past time.