direct buy

i looked for a clip to do this quote proper justice, however...no luck. there is a commercial that frequents our television set for a company called direct buy. basically, it's a club that allows you to "save thousands of dollars" on home-related stuff (e.g. furniture, kitchen cabinets, carpeting). there is a man giving his testimonial about the company by stating the following:

"i'm not expecting to be rich; i'm going to be middle class the rest of my life. and direct buy is a good way to..." (wheels turn, searching for the right words) "live above my means."

too bad for direct buy that this economic crisis has hit americans so hard. in fact, just this morning i heard a financial expert on the news say that "the time to live beyond our means has passed." (seriously? i never knew it was an option/encouraged)


Stephanie :) said...

You know, Mom and Dad were members of Direct Buy until about 6 months ago. And we all know that THEY live above their means.

Evan said...

Dude! That makes ME want to join their little club. Because we're in an economic crisis, lets see... I guess I'll do anything I can to live above my means.

At least the guy has goals.