anniversary shoes

i would love, love, love some new shoes to go with the anniversary dress. however, i'm not sure i'll find a pair i love for a ridiculously low price. so i probably won't get any. but i'm shopping online for them, nonetheless. i found these
and love them a lot. but they are $100. there is absolutley no way i can justify that price. but it's fun to daydream.
but these are $260
these floral ones are pretty and girlie, and on sale on ebay for $9.99 (plus $10.10 in shipping).

then again, i still have a target giftcard burning a hole in my wallet. here are some cute options from the website:
i was kind of wanting a colorful floral print or animal print, but these are classy and versatile
a sexy zebra print to add a bit of funk to an elegant outfit
*gasp!* a giraffe print! and only $26.99!

what do you think?



i miss this place. a lot. i don't realize it until i see pictures of it. i was browsing facebook and saw someone's album of the emerald city. i wanted to cry, i miss it so much.

just 1 year, 12 weeks, and 2 days until i can leave here for there.


anniversary dresses inspired by the 1950s

i'm back. and better than ever. sorry for the long absence, but i've been paying a lot of attention to one of my other blogs and haven't thought of much i heart outside of it. anyway....

as some of you may know, i was going to make a holiday dress back in december. but things didn't quite work out. and i'm glad they didn't (for the dress's sake). i have made some modifications to the dress and it will now make the perfect anniversary dress (one year already?? ok, in a month. but still....).

this picture is kind of what i'm shooting for. the boat neck, the short sleeves, the inverted pleats. but the real action will be in the back of the dress. i'm making it up so i have no pictures to show. but i promise i will post pictures when it's done. i am also hoping to add a black patent leather belt to the ensemble. and lose the purple tights.

so, what do you think?