anniversary shoes

i would love, love, love some new shoes to go with the anniversary dress. however, i'm not sure i'll find a pair i love for a ridiculously low price. so i probably won't get any. but i'm shopping online for them, nonetheless. i found these
and love them a lot. but they are $100. there is absolutley no way i can justify that price. but it's fun to daydream.
but these are $260
these floral ones are pretty and girlie, and on sale on ebay for $9.99 (plus $10.10 in shipping).

then again, i still have a target giftcard burning a hole in my wallet. here are some cute options from the website:
i was kind of wanting a colorful floral print or animal print, but these are classy and versatile
a sexy zebra print to add a bit of funk to an elegant outfit
*gasp!* a giraffe print! and only $26.99!

what do you think?


lcowan said...

My favorite pair are the Anne Klein Shoes – I love the heel on them. You know another place that has fabulous selection of shoes is at iStorez. They have the latest sales and deals from all of the major retailers. Here’s a link to the shoes


Jules said...

I actually like the giraffe ones. It's not an overdone print, and they're fun.

Jules said...

now I'm waffling between the giraffe and the anne klein. I like the slingback. Can I vote twice?

Emily said...

You can vote twice. But all the expensive shoes are just there for eye candy. There's no way I would buy them. $260??? Riiight....

Jules said...

If you get them at Zappos through live.com's cashback, you can get them for $150. When compared to $260, it'd almost be a crime not to get them... :)

The Ingermansons said...

My really bad feet are killing me just looking at them but they are all cute. The thing I like about Internet window shopping is that my feet won't hurt.
The plain silver ones are my least favorite. I like the ones with COLOR.