rice pudding

i cannot get enough of this stuff. i found a fantastic recipe several months ago and i love to experiment with flavors. there's a rice pudding restaurant in the area. it's good, but i find it difficult to spend $4 on a small thing of pudding i could easily make at home.

i've made fudgy peanut butter, orange poppyseed, coconut (my favorite to date), and rocky road. some flavors i plan on trying out in the future: caramel, lavender, white chocolate, pumpkin, lemon raspberry. any other suggestions?


Stephanie :) said...

You could do caramel, creme brulee, strawberry swirl. I don't like rice pudding, but thought these might be flavors you would like.

Hannah said...

Well, you never have to spend $4 on a bowl of rice pudding again. Apparently Pudding on the Rice closed its doors. But then again, I am sure you made far superior rice pudding anyway.

The Ingermansons said...

Please tell me it is not true that they closed! I am soooooo glad we finally went while we were there. Now you have to share your recipes. You gave me the basic but I need to know how you create the extras!

Zaundra and Grant said...

I NEED the rice pudding recipes! Only if you will share... rice pudding and I haven't been friends enough lately, I think you can help me change that.

ps hope it's not creepy I'm like commenting all over every page you have