i first saw marimekko fabrics on an episode of martha stewart years ago. i loved the big, bold prints. i only vaguely remembered the designer and her name was even more fuzzy in my memory. but one day, while in seattle, i stumbled across a fantastic little scandinavian shop called tuuli. and lo and behold! merimekko came flooding back to my concious mind. they sell clothes, dishes, fabric, accessories, and baby clothes. one day i will own something marimekko. until then, i will just occassionally peruse the website. (be sure to check out the adorable little blond here)


saving money

one of my favorite things to do while grocery shopping is wait until all our items have been scanned, and then give the checker our savings card so we can watch as the total drops. it like a slot machine. you're not sure how much you're going to end up with. so, last night we went grocery shopping and went through the self check-out. we rang everything up and then scanned our membership card. we ended up saving $29.06! the bill was cut almost in half. i thought i was going to pee my pants.



jake found these on-line yesterday and i've been thinking about them ever since. ok, not entirely true. i fell in love with them and then forgot about them until i saw an ad for it on failblog. i've decided we'll need to get one. i can't justify it right now, but when we have a baby, i'm all over it. we do have a niece/nephew making an entrance in december. maybe it needs one. yes. yes, i think it does.



apparently july is national ice cream month. i had no idea. and i call myself an ice cream fan. well, given the fact that last month i got an ice cream maker from my sister, i really need to step up my ice cream game. i've only made ice cream once this month. i'm sorry july. i vow to make ice cream again soon. maybe twice if my waistline feels up to it (what am i talking about? in a battle between my cravings and my waistline, my cravings always win). and i did just become a member of the blizzard fanclub, thus allowing a free blizzard with the purchase of a blizzard. and this month is girl scout thin mint. i'd best do my new favorite month, july, a favor and start eating.



it's been awhile since i've been on vacation. i'm tempted to count my three months of unemployment as an extended vacation. however, that was pretty miserable since i was completely broke. i would also be tempted to count the weekend of my marriage as vacation. however, seeing that we stayed in a local hotel, it doesn't really count (although we did have room service...a very vacationy thing to do). so my last technical vacation was last june when i visited my future husband (unbeknownst to me) in california. that was a good one.
this weekend, my husband and i are taking a pseudo-vacation to visit my grandma in st george and then heading to las vegas for a day. mainly to see one of his freinds, but we will be making a few side trips while there.


lars and the real girl

kind of an obscure movie. not too much though since i'd heard of it. anyway, highly recommend it. it is a genuinely good movie. as jake says, "sounds cliche, but it's a movie with heart." so true.