it's been awhile since i've been on vacation. i'm tempted to count my three months of unemployment as an extended vacation. however, that was pretty miserable since i was completely broke. i would also be tempted to count the weekend of my marriage as vacation. however, seeing that we stayed in a local hotel, it doesn't really count (although we did have room service...a very vacationy thing to do). so my last technical vacation was last june when i visited my future husband (unbeknownst to me) in california. that was a good one.
this weekend, my husband and i are taking a pseudo-vacation to visit my grandma in st george and then heading to las vegas for a day. mainly to see one of his freinds, but we will be making a few side trips while there.


Julie said...

I love vacations. Don't worry, I've taken some vacations on your behalf. I didn't realize you hadn't been on a vacation in such a long time. I guess I just assume everyone is as restless as I am & goes somewhere as often as time & money allow (or you stretch your time & money to allow).

Emily said...

I do go on vacation as often as time and money allows. I'm just not a baller like you.