apparently july is national ice cream month. i had no idea. and i call myself an ice cream fan. well, given the fact that last month i got an ice cream maker from my sister, i really need to step up my ice cream game. i've only made ice cream once this month. i'm sorry july. i vow to make ice cream again soon. maybe twice if my waistline feels up to it (what am i talking about? in a battle between my cravings and my waistline, my cravings always win). and i did just become a member of the blizzard fanclub, thus allowing a free blizzard with the purchase of a blizzard. and this month is girl scout thin mint. i'd best do my new favorite month, july, a favor and start eating.

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Stephanie :) said...

Yummy ice cream! Thanks for letting me know about DQ's fan club. I signed up and made Darrell sign up so we can get double the coupons.