our ghetto neighborhood

there are so many things to love about this place. you wouldn't think that utah would have a large population of non-english speaking mexicans. but i am here to tell you that you are wrong. this picture is proof enough. so is our apartment building (and the three surrounding it).

*please note that "los dinosaurios" looks like "los piggos"


customer service reps at ann taylor in las vegas

the picture from the previous post reminded me of a wonderful adventure i had several years ago while celebrating my friend's birthday in las vegas. we, both being shopoholics, decided to hit up the outlet mall. being a devoted fan of ann taylor, we stopped in to check out their selection. they had this adorable grassy green pencil skirt that i fell in love with the moment i laid my eyes on it. unfortunately, they didn't have my size, so being the optimist that i am, i opted to try on the smaller size, hoping it would miraculously fit. while in the fitting room, i was pleasantly surprised when the zipper on the skirt came up quite easily. i looked in the mirror and thought, "i could pull this off." then i turned to the side and realized my butt was entirely to big to pull this off. i opened the door to show my friend and see if i was indeed seeing the sad truth. we decided that it was, in fact, just slightly too small, after which i declared, "yeah...it's just a little too tight." just at that moment, an overly-candid african-american customer service representative walked by and said to me, "Girl, that's 'cause you got a booty." i'm not quite sure how to take this, but i think it was supposed to be a compliment. so, thank you, customer service rep at ann taylor. thank you for allowing me to embrace my "coco-licious" booty a little more. by the way, i did not buy the skirt. i opted for the appropriately sized pants made of the same fabric.



you read that right. i am not referring to the chilled beverage. i am talking about the rapper. he has expanded his portfolio to include acting, specifically in "law & order" (which i also heart). he appears in the "svu" version as a cop, and i can't get enough of him. he brings a new hilarity to such a heavy show. this weekend there is an "svu" marathon on the usa network, with actors' commentaries during the commercial breaks. while advertising for this marathon, they had clips from these interviews with the actors. one of which featured ice-t saying, "iss gon' be crazy." oh, ice-t...you are one tall drink of water.


memorial day and season passes

i definitely love memorial day. it's a day off from work, it's the official start of the unofficial summer season, and it means we can have as many bbq's as we want. this year, jake and i have a couple options on our plate. we may go to st. george/las vegas (waiting to hear back from grandma on that one). if not that, we were thinking of taking a leisurely bike ride along the provo river and also using our seven peaks season passes for the first time (if it's warm enough...).

speaking of which, we will be getting season passes to seven peaks, the local water park (which also happens to be the largest water park in utah). the only reason we are getting season passes is because my employers has worked a deal with them to give us discounted passes, and the owners of the company are going to pay $20 of each pass we request. so, for $5 more than regular admission, we can go as often as we'd like this summer. nice.


windstorms in utah

i do not love windstorms in utah. for a couple of reasons:

1) it usually means a cold front is coming to town, and i don't want to have anything to do with that. it's the end of may, for crying out loud!

2) if the windows are open (and they usually are), it means i'm going to need to dust the house tomorrow. the wind blows in at least two inches of dirt.

3) it makes the house smell like sulphur. not sure why this happens, but it does. and it only happens at night. last night jake and i thought we were going to asphyxiate.

i do have to say, last night's storm provided some midnight entertainment. when i got up to close all the windows, i saw all the neighbors moving their cars around in the parking lot because the trees were dropping branches on the cars. i don't know why this was so amusing to me. probably because it was 2:00am and hearing thunks followed by car alarms going off is funny at that time of day.



do not get confused by this title. i do not love hotmail. i hate it. i keep thinking i will make the official switch to g-mail, but i haven't for some reason. so, hotmail, you'd better beware. you're days with me are numbered.

comfortable air

i was going to say "cool air" but sometimes i love warm air too. it just depends. our swamp cooler officially works now and it's great!