memorial day and season passes

i definitely love memorial day. it's a day off from work, it's the official start of the unofficial summer season, and it means we can have as many bbq's as we want. this year, jake and i have a couple options on our plate. we may go to st. george/las vegas (waiting to hear back from grandma on that one). if not that, we were thinking of taking a leisurely bike ride along the provo river and also using our seven peaks season passes for the first time (if it's warm enough...).

speaking of which, we will be getting season passes to seven peaks, the local water park (which also happens to be the largest water park in utah). the only reason we are getting season passes is because my employers has worked a deal with them to give us discounted passes, and the owners of the company are going to pay $20 of each pass we request. so, for $5 more than regular admission, we can go as often as we'd like this summer. nice.

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