customer service reps at ann taylor in las vegas

the picture from the previous post reminded me of a wonderful adventure i had several years ago while celebrating my friend's birthday in las vegas. we, both being shopoholics, decided to hit up the outlet mall. being a devoted fan of ann taylor, we stopped in to check out their selection. they had this adorable grassy green pencil skirt that i fell in love with the moment i laid my eyes on it. unfortunately, they didn't have my size, so being the optimist that i am, i opted to try on the smaller size, hoping it would miraculously fit. while in the fitting room, i was pleasantly surprised when the zipper on the skirt came up quite easily. i looked in the mirror and thought, "i could pull this off." then i turned to the side and realized my butt was entirely to big to pull this off. i opened the door to show my friend and see if i was indeed seeing the sad truth. we decided that it was, in fact, just slightly too small, after which i declared, "yeah...it's just a little too tight." just at that moment, an overly-candid african-american customer service representative walked by and said to me, "Girl, that's 'cause you got a booty." i'm not quite sure how to take this, but i think it was supposed to be a compliment. so, thank you, customer service rep at ann taylor. thank you for allowing me to embrace my "coco-licious" booty a little more. by the way, i did not buy the skirt. i opted for the appropriately sized pants made of the same fabric.

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Jules said...

You do have a nice booty. In fact, I heart your booty. :)