bad blog pictures

i'm so over bloggers who take their own pictures, but only take them using a shallow depth of field. sometimes it's good to have everything in focus.(why, pray-tell, do we only care about the chocolate chips in this picture, and not at all about the pumpkin pie spice?) is this not commonly understood? do some people not know you can actually change the aperture on a lens? do they even know what that means? this is part of the reason i resent digital photographers(who never learned the basics of photography). i mean, just because you own an expensive camera and can take a picture and look at it right away, doesn't mean you're good at it.

no, i'm not the best/most experienced photographer. yes, i'm a snob.



this stuff is great. i mean, really great. it's all-purpose. need reusable lunchbags? oilcloth. cute apron? oilcloth. bibs for your messy baby? oilcloth. wanna make a super retro-cool bag? oilcloth.



someone finally did what i've never had the guts to do myself:

those of you who aren't familiar with the housing market in provo, this is complex called "the colony". someone just painted over the "y".



has anyone else noticed the not-so-subtle shift in the media from calling the horrific plan the government is trying to pass a "bailout" (boo!) to a "rescue plan" (oh, much better. i think i've changed my mind, thank you)? or is it just me?