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i was introduced to this website a couple weeks ago, and now i'm addicted. it's basically a way to waste time on the internet while looking at pages that have content that may interest you. when signing up, you pick topics that you're interested in , and when you click "stumble", it'll pick a random website that's related to one of your interests. genius!


apothecary jars

i want a whole collection of different sizes, shapes, and styles. however, i have no where to put them.


but one day i will have a shelf-full. and they will be full of candy, beads, buttons, potpourri, whatever. i will love it.


marisa tomei in versace

guilty pleasure: watching post award show fashion police. i like seeing the celebrities in their gorgeous clothes without having to watch all the boring red carpet.

so tonight i was watching the post show for the oscars, and some of the "police" had the nerve to say that marisa tomei had an awful dress. seriously?? look at it! it is absolutely amazing. this picture doesn't do the pleating justice. it was phenomenal. i can't even wrap my brain around its construction.

so, no worries, marisa; i heart it. and that's all that matters.


liz lemon

"30 rock" may very well be the best tv show. ever. i'm glad it's getting tons of awards, because maybe that means it'll stick around for a very long time. then again, that isn't a fail-safe way of knowing what shows will be around a long time.

jake thinks that i like liz lemon so much because i relate to her, and think of myself as her. which isn't true. i guess i relate to her a little bit. but certainly not completely. i mean, she's way cooler than i am.

regardless, "30 rock" is hilarious. and i heart liz lemon.


rice pudding

i cannot get enough of this stuff. i found a fantastic recipe several months ago and i love to experiment with flavors. there's a rice pudding restaurant in the area. it's good, but i find it difficult to spend $4 on a small thing of pudding i could easily make at home.

i've made fudgy peanut butter, orange poppyseed, coconut (my favorite to date), and rocky road. some flavors i plan on trying out in the future: caramel, lavender, white chocolate, pumpkin, lemon raspberry. any other suggestions?


anniversary shoes

i would love, love, love some new shoes to go with the anniversary dress. however, i'm not sure i'll find a pair i love for a ridiculously low price. so i probably won't get any. but i'm shopping online for them, nonetheless. i found these
and love them a lot. but they are $100. there is absolutley no way i can justify that price. but it's fun to daydream.
but these are $260
these floral ones are pretty and girlie, and on sale on ebay for $9.99 (plus $10.10 in shipping).

then again, i still have a target giftcard burning a hole in my wallet. here are some cute options from the website:
i was kind of wanting a colorful floral print or animal print, but these are classy and versatile
a sexy zebra print to add a bit of funk to an elegant outfit
*gasp!* a giraffe print! and only $26.99!

what do you think?