you read that right. i am not referring to the chilled beverage. i am talking about the rapper. he has expanded his portfolio to include acting, specifically in "law & order" (which i also heart). he appears in the "svu" version as a cop, and i can't get enough of him. he brings a new hilarity to such a heavy show. this weekend there is an "svu" marathon on the usa network, with actors' commentaries during the commercial breaks. while advertising for this marathon, they had clips from these interviews with the actors. one of which featured ice-t saying, "iss gon' be crazy." oh, ice-t...you are one tall drink of water.


Stephanie :) said...

did you know that on the season finale finn quit? yeah...he might not be around next season. and he just bought a home in chandler, in a regular neighborhood, to get away from hollywood. yep, he's virtually my neighbor! another reason to heart the oldest sister!

Emily said...

wow. i DO heart the oldest sister! we'll have to come visit!

Jules said...

Funny, Bran and I were googling him during the svu marathon for some reason I can't remember, but we were impressed with how classy his wife seems to be. A classy lady with nice, natural boobs.