sunflower market

we decided to go vegetarian at the right time. last week a new store rolled into town. i'm completely in love. the produce is gorgeous and the prices really are silly. i never thought the day would arrive that i would have a hay day in the produce section. but seriously, i bought everything (including six, yes six, avocados). we got freshly ground peanut butter, winter red wheat berries, and the coveted gluten-free blueberry flax granola (seriously. stop laughing. no, we're not on a strict diet and allergic to gluten. it's good, ok?) (at only $3.49/lb...eat that harmon's!). they have over 250 varieties of cheese. who even knew that many varieties existed? finally, my cheese book (with a section on the decadent world of olives) i got for christmas, like, five years ago will come in handy. i have made a vow to try as many types of cheese as humanly possible.

i heart you so, so much, sunflower farmers' market. i have a feeling this is the beginning of a long, beautiful relationship.

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Mickelle said...

Yeah, I love Sunflower Farmer's Market, too! It pretty much makes me soooo happy. Have you seen their new selection of basil, parsley, and rosemary plants? I lust.