ok, ok, i know this is going to sound like i'm just trying to promote members of my newly acquired family, but i really do enjoy my brother-in-law's blog. it almost makes politics entertaining, and the best part is that i can keep up-to-date on current events without actually having to do my own research. i just memorize blurbs from his blog and recite them as my own jokes and opinions. it makes me quite popular (and sometimes controversial) around the water cooler. it just usually poses a problem when people find me interesting and want to discuss these political topics in more detail. at which point, i usually just pretend to choke and exit the room with my arms up over my head.

p.s. ben, if you read this (which you should, since i'm planning on sending an e-mail with a link here), feel free to cut and paste at your leisure for a "testimonial" section on the bhb.


Ben said...

After months of reading the I Heart blog, I see my name in lights!!!

Not that it matters, but my blog rangers far beyond the mere confines of politics: I also talk about exploding cats, robot takeovers, and various things I consider to be the downfall of civilization.

When I see a surge in the number of registered members of the BHB Fan Club (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=24293096340), I know where all the credit will go.

Mickelle said...

well, the guy didn't speak much english, but when they asked him if he left his car in gear, he said he "must have." Okay. But it's still weird that it was going 15-20 mph. You need some GAS to go that fast.

But I've decided to just say my prayers and ask for protection. every night. and every morning.