heating pads

back when we got married, we received a gift from a family in jake's home ward. it was a heating pad. we scoffed at the gift and thought of returning it. after all, we had practically no money at all so the prospect of having $15 or so for food was quite appealing. well, the parents on both sides of the family kept telling us, "it's a practical gift that you will appreciate one day." so, against our pocketbook's cries for money, we decided to keep it. i mean, really, who wants to spend their own money on a heating pad when it is actually needed?
fast forward five months. jake's neck has been impossibly stiff the last two days. and my attempts to alleviate his pain by giving him a neck/head rub only made it worse. so, today i had the ingenious idea that he use the heating pad (careful....careful....we don't want a recurrance of the "great heating pad disaster of 1986"). who's laughing now?

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Mom/Pam said...

I did not see this post before I got tangled in the mess about the heating pad of 1986.
Jake I am sorry for your sore neck and I hope you are feeling better by now!