dents in my car

so this morning i found our car to be in this condition. and, no, it was not like that the last time i saw it. yesterday, several of our neighbors were moving out of the building, so a lot of people were in and out of our narrow parking lot. and seeing that the only two places my car was yesterday was work and home, i know it happened at home. it's a little discouraging that someone would do that to someone's property and not notify the owner. our parking spot even has a sign that says what unit we live in. luckily, we have a great landlord who is just as upset as we are about the situation and knows spanish as well so he can actually talk to them about it (jake tried to talk to them, but they know so little english, it didn't really accomplish anything). so he's helping us resolve the issue. nobody will admit to it, but someone did say that they saw the dent in the car at 3:30 yesterday. the only problem with that story is that my car and i were at work at 3:30 yesterday. so it really sounds suspect. wish us luck with getting it fixed. if not, my car will just have a dimple in its butt.

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