there has been a lot of dispute on this one. jake would say i definitely love doing this. but i don't think i do. at one point last night, he and i were listening to some music online and i told him how at work, while listening to pandora, "hide and seek" had come on twice and "geek love" had played once (rare is this occasion). after which i replied, "you might think, given this information, it was a good music day on pandora. but it wasn't a good music day at all." so, my husband being the lovely man he is, said, "you might think i'm not complaining, but i am here to tell you that i am!" i wasn't complaining. i was merely stating that my situation was not as fantastic as others may perceive it to be.


Brandon said...

You're not complaining, you're just calling it like you see it. If you were to sugar coat things, you wouldn't be Emily :) It's part of your charm.

Jules said...

Um, that was obviously me, not Brandon.

Emily said...

i was a little confused. :)