tonight, jake and i finished an on-going game of scrabble. cheating allowed me to win by 2 points. but before you judge me too much, i gave him an out. actually, he gave me an in. in hopes of getting a lot of points when i had no other options, i made up a word, hoping it might actually be a real word ("tirad"). jake, of course, called my bluff, so i got the dictionary out, looked it up and just above "tirade"...? was "tiptop". but, being the retard i am, i said, "oh, it is a word. 'tirad: similar in nature to tirade, just with much less anger.'" luckily, we were watching "pirates of the carribbean" at the same time, so jake had immediately lost interest in what i had to say as soon as he stopped talking. i started laughing because i was being a retard, and i knew i'd be caught. he said, "what? is it a word?" i laughed as i replied, "yes." now, anyone who knows me, knows i'm a horrible liar and oftentimes laugh while i lie. jake knows this too. however, the aforementioned movie was still playing, and once again he lost interest in what i had to say as soon as he stopped talking and didn't notice my suspicious behavior. so he just said, "oh. well, i guess i lose my turn. go again." i laughed all throughout my next turn. and, yet, at the end of the game, when my victory was threatened, i still got absurdly mad at my innocent husband....

like i said. he gave me an in.

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