copper kitchens

hello, you.

i frequently make-believe what my future home will look like. i even have a layout drawn on on graph paper. i've re-designed my home several times. but seriously, guys. i have it nailed this time. it's going to be amazing. our bedroom is going to be huge. and the master bedroom closet is very creative/innovative. and the master bathroom? beyond what you can even imagine. but recently i was at a restaurant that had cool, funky tables with tops made of copper. so now the plan is to have an island with a copper countertop. because i'm so over granite and stainless steel in kitchens. but if the countertop doesn't really pan out, i'll at least have copper fixtures, because who doesn't love copper?


Julie said...

You are NOT allowed to use copper in your kitchen! I've been planning copper in my kitchen for at least 5 years. I haven't told anyone because I didn't want the brilliant idea to be stolen. But it seems my efforts were fruitless. However, I still call dibs.

Emily said...

Let's not be neighbors :( and no one will ever know! :)

I actually saw a copper fixture at Lowe's about five years ago, too. So maybe we had the idea at the exact same time.

And, plus, by the time I can afford something like this, I probably will have my eye on something else.

Great minds think alike.

Have I listed enough things to gain your permission for a dream copper kitchen?

Emily said...

Haha! I thought you were my friend Julie! Hee hee. I guess some people might know about the copper sameness since you're my sister. But it's still all good, right?